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With over 5,700 targeted daily loads,Carriers are switching to ATi DirectConnect

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From cutting your operating costs to finding profitable loads quickly, ATI DirectConnect is here to help you navigate your toughest challenges and grow your rates for the long haul.

Get Detailed Customer Pricing Profiles and Analytics

Don’t blindly market to customer that may or may not have freight, Endlessly quote customers that never book. Get qualified customers with years of lane history today!

The ATi DirectConnect mobile app is included in your subscription

The single source for freight bids

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ATi DirectConnect brings together Carriers and Shippers like never before. Instantly bid, win, and book loads. We have an Essential version for local carriers and an Enterprise version for Regional and National carriers

Bid on the Lane

This app lets you filter the leads you want and see what your competition is bidding. Once you win there is no broker in between making things complicated. You get all the customer documents and are directly connected to them. ATi only charges a 1.00% technology transaction fee to cover our expenses.

Win the Bid and Connect Directly with the Shipper

Have Direct Contact with the Shipper, we make the introduction and leave you both to your business.
-STOP paying for multiple load boards that bombard you with leads you can’t service. 

-STOP Paying for Endless Email Marketing that gets marked as spam or pay-per-click adds

Get Ati DirectConnect and cut your marketing cost by +90% instantly

Carrier Training Resources

Billing and Automation Module

The purpose of this module is to streamline and automate billing so that you can invoice your customers the same day the shipment delivers. Up to this point you have learned to move the shipment status in a linear, standardized process. If you have done so correctly there will not be much left to do on the billing side to invoice. We walk with you through your billing processes step-by-step to ensure that we fully understand and record the necessary procedures. Once we have the step-by-step confirmed in writing We will prepare an estimate for automation development, finalize the estimate, then program out the step to 1-2 buttons.

Marketing and Lead Generation Module

The purpose of this module is to prove the value of the all inclusive system. Up until this point you have been learning and applying the systems required to avoid growing pains between $0.00-$10,000,000/year. Now that you have all the systems, technology, automation, you have become lean and removes all waste in your overhead and process. You are ready to press the gas and really grow!

Get Detailed Intelligence on Your Potential
Customer and Their Pricing Preferences

Be confident that you’re the most detailed Customer information so that you can confidently bid for a win

Tracked Data Points

Predictive Analytics

Need help integrating automation and cutting costs and resources?

Streamline operations and reduce expenses through our consulting services. Let ATi code out automation and incorporate Outsourcing to save you big time!

ATi Consulting and Outsourcing

ATi has an in-house development team with experience standardizing, outsourcing and automating every process in the supply chain. Schedule a free 15-min consultation today!

Need to get paid faster?

Improve your company’s cash flow with carrier-friendly 2-click invoice factoring.

Freight Factoring

Our trusted Development Team will optimize and automate your factoring and invoicing and let you focus on getting your next job – not wondering how you can pay this month’s overhead.
What our customers are saying

“It costs you more money not to have these tools. With ATi DirectConnect, there’s very little time my truck is sitting”

– Sammy Lloyd, Lloyd Trucking

Looking for more tools?

We have even more solutions, from carrier TMS to tracking, insurance to parking. Find exactly what you need.