ATI Technologies bringing New Futuristic TMS system to marketplace; streamlining the Logistics industry with AI

ATI is poised to revolutionize the Logistics space with forward hinking technology, utilizing AI; making operators more profitable in a challenging economy

ATI – Standardize. Automate. Outsource. Liberate.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES , February 2, 2024 / — ATI Technologies is a SaaS-based company in the logistics industry that assists truckers, trucking companies, brokerages, and insurance companies with software to run and operate their businesses more efficiently. Born out of a former successful brokerage company that operated ahead of the curve with technology that provided them an advantage; it is now time to share an enhanced version of this software platform with the industry during a much-needed economic time. This platform includes an innovative TMS system, with an AI influenced quoting tool that makes even the smallest player in the space competitive. Accompanied by the most enhanced training and support system for even a single truck driver, who is just starting out, to operate like the most efficient operators with back-end employees.

With clear gaps in the logistics space, and an economic climate that is threatening the entire industry, we are here to provide simplicity, automation, and ease of use for operators moving forward.”— ATI Executive

The company was influenced from a ten-year platform that provided a distinct advantage to just a few brokerages, and their clients. After years of R&D, and operating in the space, it was time to fill multiple gaps that have persisted worldwide. A problem that has only been exacerbated as a result of Covid, and economic challenges that have put so many out of work with recent interest rates spikes, the problem continues. It’s time to bridge the gap. With the knowledge, technology, and a team that has done it successfully multiple times over, it was an easy decision to walk this forward and officially create ATI Technologies.

ATI Technologiess TMS System has been tested and customized in multiple shops over the last 8+ years, and we are confident in its massive deployment now. ATI Technologies is an Opti Opps Company (, and will also be able to control the flow and cost of payments as well through a payment processing sister company.

Opti Opps Company Statement:

“We could not be more excited to impact the logistics space in such a positive way, especially in such a tumultuous global market that we are currently in. ATI Technologies is a fantastic addition to our family of companies, and there are a lot of companies big and small that need what we have to offer. We will be competitively priced, with a focus on ease of use, and increased profitability for our customers. The future is bright in logistics.”

ABOUT ATI Technologies:

ATI Technologies, a technology-based company, with offices and operations out of Miami, FL, Park City, UT, and Tampa, FL. ATI’s mission is to bridge the technology gap in the logistics industry while helping create and solidify jobs globally.

ABOUT Opti Opps:

Opti Opps is a portfolio of companies born out of Covid with a purpose of impacting the world in a positive way, through multiple industries, utilizing innovative technology platforms.

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